The Life Of A Green Tree Frog

A series of artworks which take you on a journey exploring the life, love & adventures of "FROG", who is a Green tree frog with a curious nature and an adventurous spirit. Follow "FROG" in this fun collectable fine art print series. All of these art images are Copyright RB & DA Mathews Soft Solutions - Hexagonal Mandala - Australia 2009-2011 and are for sale as limited edition art prints in 3 sizes. This series is by contemporary Australian Artist Di Mathews - (aka) Diavma.
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Folk wisdom tells that dreaming of a frog means
good fortune, happiness and great friendships.
May your dreams be filled with frogs...

Frogs Virtual Friend - 0031

Frog has a fascinating new friend, a virtual pet. He is currently trying to teach it to "Grribbit" I mean "Grab-it". .
Artwork title : " Frogs virtual pet "
Contemporary Australian Digital Art Illustration by Hexagonal Mandala.
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Jenny said...

Your frogs are just so full of life Di!