The Life Of A Green Tree Frog

A series of artworks which take you on a journey exploring the life, love & adventures of "FROG", who is a Green tree frog with a curious nature and an adventurous spirit. Follow "FROG" in this fun collectable fine art print series. All of these art images are Copyright RB & DA Mathews Soft Solutions - Hexagonal Mandala - Australia 2009-2011 and are for sale as limited edition art prints in 3 sizes. This series is by contemporary Australian Artist Di Mathews - (aka) Diavma.
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Folk wisdom tells that dreaming of a frog means
good fortune, happiness and great friendships.
May your dreams be filled with frogs...

Green Tree FROG Glamour -0044

FROG is looking glamorous today with the red roses. He is an important part of our ecology. We need to look after our environment to give FROG the best chance of survival.
Artwork title : " Save the Frog "
Contemporary Australian Digital Art Illustration by Hexagonal Mandala.
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